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Dr. Don Osborne
Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership
Leadership Development Counselor, Organizational Consultant, Speaker, Author

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Thoughts to Ponder

“Transformational Leadership skills plus the Contingent Reward factor of Transactional Leadership is the most effective combination of leadership styles. Together, they incorporate the concepts found in several other leadership styles, including ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Situational Leadership’.”
How I May Help You

Scientific Leadership Assessment, Analysis and Development

Dr. Don Osborne uses proven scientific assessment instruments to measure the leadership skills and styles of individual leader-managers. He also uses an organizational assessment to determine a company’s overall leadership strengths and needs. Learn More »

Consulting for Organizational Performance Improvement

Don consults with Leadership and Management Teams, as well as Senior Executives and Boards to assess organizational strengths and weaknesses. In the process, his style is to lead people... Learn More »

Speaking Presentations

A former talk-radio show host and psychotherapist, Don inspires and challenges audiences with entertaining presentations that are tailored to prompt thinking about solutions for their specific concerns. Learn More »

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